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Painting Drum Brakes

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Has anyone ever painted drum brakes? I have a buddy that has drums, and they are looking pretty crappy. I figured that just roughing up the drum and spraying some high-temp black on there would suffice. Should the drum be taken off of the brakes, or can you spray while it is on and just tape it off? Also, is there anything else that should be done, like stripping the drums, or putting a clear on it? If anyone has any ideas or help, please let me know...

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High temp paint should be good enough. Just make sure you clean them and scuff them up with some sandpaper. When I painted my calipers, I sprayed them clean with some brake cleaner. Just make sure you mask everything else off and paint them on a non-windy day. You don't want any overspray getting anywhere else.
Are the drums on the car the original ones that came with the car, or replacements?
my brother in law just did his on his focus. he roughed it up but he used the caliper paint and did them red. he left them on the car and just sprayed them, came out pretty good.
I'm sure the POR-15 company would have some kind of paint for this.
They are the originals. Oh, and this isn't a rex, its a newer civic. So I don't think he would want to buy new drums...

i found some caliper paint that was brush on, so you can leave the drums/calipers on the car. unfortunately, all the packaging has been thrown out because i used all the paint. i THINK it may have been "Duplicolour" brand, and it has lasted many many months, without much chipping or any fading at all.
rabidpanda said:
They are the originals. Oh, and this isn't a rex, its a newer civic. So I don't think he would want to buy new drums...

POR 15 would work well, as Im sure the would be some rust buildup on the drums themselves. First use the brake cleaner, then POR 15 or an equivalent. Then use a midcoat adhesive(the one I use is called bulldog trim and midcoat adhesive, its about 8 dollars or so a can, but it consistently performs well), and I havent noticed a chip or surface defect on any of the various parts Ive used it on. Then pick the color of paint you want your drum to be. Id recommend going high-temp like stickershop mentioned due to the fact youre painting drums, a high-temp aluminum would work very well..
I used Hi Temp exhaust manifold paint, silver-gray on my 89 Si drums ,and they look great. Also used it on my ebay $20 header, yes it looks good.

I brushed off all the oxidated brown rust, blew off the rest with compressed air. Then brushed on a good heavy coat of that paint. On the side, I have an 'unwanted' toaster oven. I put each drum (not the header) in there at full temp (475 degrees F, - +) for 12 hours each. It stunk horribly, yes it did.

Not a chip or a flake to be seen! (Thinking Hi Temp = you have to cook it.)

That pint can had toluene, MEK and all other bad stuff one can conceive of... Clean your brush in toluene, or just toss it out. Wheww!
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