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I used Hi Temp exhaust manifold paint, silver-gray on my 89 Si drums ,and they look great. Also used it on my ebay $20 header, yes it looks good.

I brushed off all the oxidated brown rust, blew off the rest with compressed air. Then brushed on a good heavy coat of that paint. On the side, I have an 'unwanted' toaster oven. I put each drum (not the header) in there at full temp (475 degrees F, - +) for 12 hours each. It stunk horribly, yes it did.

Not a chip or a flake to be seen! (Thinking Hi Temp = you have to cook it.)

That pint can had toluene, MEK and all other bad stuff one can conceive of... Clean your brush in toluene, or just toss it out. Wheww!
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