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Passing smog with a totally stock Honda (or one with just a CAI) is usually a breeze. At worst you might need a new catalytic conmverter and/or a new O2 sensor. A stinking hot day in the SF Valley may not be the best time to do a smog check, the thin air makes the engine a bit on the rich side. But you do want a hot catalytic conveter so the heat may have helped.

"Guaranteed to Pass" is a bottle of stuff sold in most parts stores that seems to help along with the highest octane fuel, correct ignition timing and a lean mixture.

If your CAI does not have a CARB sticker, some smog inspectors will give you an automatic fail, but other guys may let you slide. Technically you need the CARB sticker, but as long as your have a breather line to the intake from the valve cover, most guys will let you slide.

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