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Passengeer mirror light, Broken?

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Ok this may sound like a stupid question. But my passenger seat belt mirror light does not work. Is the a light bulb in it changeable, are is it something else :?: And yes the wire under the seat is connected.
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You'r talking about the seatbelt warning lights above the mirror right?

Maybe a silly question, but have you tried looking at it from the passenger seat? When sitting in the driver's seat the passenger side light will appear off. Also, if the pass. side seatbelt is plugged in all the time the way Honda intended, the light will never come on. (Though I don't know how you're supposed to get in and out the car easily with the seatbelt latched, and it would be even worse if you're a short japanese person with the seat pushed forward.)

What I would do if you're convinced the light's not coming on when it should, is take that console apart and check the bulbs. There's a plastic panel that pops off, and then 3 screws hold the mirror on. Take those out, and the whole assembly should come off. I think there are two tiny little bulbs in there. Try putting the driver's side one in the passenger side. They twist about a quarter turn and then fall out. The only way I know to get a replacement is to order them through Honda or raid junkyards. I've never seen any bulbs like them for sale at any store.
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Thank Jfrolang it was just a broken bulb like i thought and im with you i have never seen one before so i just tok the one from the driver side and put it on the passenger side.
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