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Passion ---> Lifes work

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So, i've decided to take my passon for cars, not just the CRX, and make it into my lifes work. I recently got admitted into Colorado State University, which has a decent mechanical and automotive engeneering school, and i've decided to take that path. I figured if i like it so much, why not make it my profession? I guess the posts not really about CRX's, just figuered i'd say always stick with what makes you happy in life. BTW, has anyone else here gone down the Automotive engeneering track at some point?
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i did in high school hoping to learn more about mechanics...... bu tall i did was work on customer cars the whole time... i guess i knew to much for the class i didn't do anything at all that was on the guide lines, when everyone was taking maintinence testing i was putting a new motor in the shop teachers eclipse.......... that was a bitch considering i never did one before

i was thinking about going to UTI in chicago, or Parkland College in Champaign illinois Ford Assett program with the custom autobody class

gl bro
I'm studying to be a mechanical engineer, but work in the automotive industry. I'm working at Nifco, Corp. in Columbus, Ohio right now. They do injection molded pieces for the automotive industry (think fasteners). One thing you'll realize is you're not going to be able take over every aspect of a car, but you can contribute your little bit! We have about 500 parts in the new Civic, but 95% are fasteners you don't see! It's a big industry, and a good one to get into because it isn't going anywhere. The technology may change but we still need to get to work somehow.
I've been thinking about car design, but its such a PITA to get into. There is some tough competition in that field
rex2nr said:
I've been thinking about car design, but its such a PITA to get into. There is some tough competition in that field
Yeah, if you mean body styling that's more of a, become a high up person so people in a car company car what you say, then they'll let you help design cars. Really competitive.
well, I'm studying industrial design. The major covers everything from transportation design, to furniture, to electronics. I've worked on laptop cases, bike saddles, lamps, furniture, consumer electronics, cars, tools, kids toys (well, next quarter), ect... pretty broad career. The actual transportation design segment though, its so filled with amazingly talented people, I doubt I could ever make it.
I'm in my senior year at RPI, majoring in physics, and I'm staying another year to get a second degree in mechanical engineering. I'll probably still end up teaching, like I've always wanted to do, but I'm hoping to at least get an internship working with cars. Cars are pretty much my life right now, there's nothing more satisfying than building something, beating the crap out of it, and having it wait for more.
I once thought about quitting sales to become an auto mechanic. There is definately something satisfying about working on cars or working with your hands for that matter. But I decided that I will keep working on cars as a hobby, and stay in sales...I'm actually pretty good at sales anyway.
I don't think I could ever be a wrench for a living. I love fixing cars, but I would be afraid it would take the whole relaxation aspect of working on my own out of it, but I had considered that path.
In my experience, the fun of working on your own car quickly dies when it's not your car and you're doing it everyday. Especially when you're coming home dirty everyday.

I don't mind being a minor-duty mechanic for my friends, but I definitely don't want to do it every weekend. And I say minor duty because I've never done anything major like pull an engine or transmission, the most intensive stuff I've ever done was change the CV axles on my own car, or replace the intake manifold on my buddy's Camry Solara.
And I say minor duty because I've never done anything major like pull an engine or transmission
Oh man, do a swap project, it's tons of fun. The best part is if it's not yours, the owner has to feed you and buy you beer (I don't think that happens for professional mechanics though).
downest said:
(I don't think that happens for professional mechanics though)
You'd be suprised... lol! :lol:

I can say with all honesty and sincerity.... If you work on cars as a hobby, allow it to remain a hobby. If you choose to be involved iwth automobiles for a living, be involved in a sector that is not exactly the same as your hobby.... i.e. if you design parts for cars like clips, seats, or whatever, and them wrench on your own car on the weekends, that is cool. But, if you choose to have your weekend hobby be wrenching, and then choose to work on other peoples cars each day of the week, you WILL get very tired of working on your own car because of the work being done on others...

Some people do it just fine. The tech that works at the shop for instance works on his own stuff and the shop stuff, and never has a prob lem with it... so it 'can' be done i suppose, but its a fair warning, be careful with what you choose to do for your livelyhood and your hobby. After all, a hobby is supposed to be something that takes your mind off of your work and life.... if your hobby IS your work and life, then you have no escape.

Sorry, don't mean to sound like a 'downer' with this, but i know that my desire to work on my OWN car has diminished greatly ever since starting my business.

However, with the prospect of the K going into my new CRX, it actually has me excited once again, which is something i haven't 'been' regarding cars in a VERY long time... hehe.
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im goin wiht composimo.

screw wrenching for a living if you enjoy workin on your cars on the weekends. stay in the automotive field if you want and turn wrenches on the side.

i have been working for a dodge chrysler jeep dealership for the past 3 years. im ready to pull my hair out.

i make good hours it pays ok. but then i come home and do side work for cash out in the yard weather permitting and then i let my cars go becuase i just dont want to look at any cars after all of that.

i could rant and rave for hours about how much i hate workin on cars for a living but i wont.

leave it as a hobby.. become a sales man, or a parts guy some sory of enginearing something. dont wrench on cars after a couple years you will be lookin elsewere for work if you care about your crx. lol

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