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Personal Crxes with Pics!!! Its You who's important

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Ok... so after talking with daveb91, ive decided that we should start a thread where everyone posts a pic of their own crx, and it dosent matter the condition. Since i dont exactly have a running rex, im just going to post a update. It would be nice to see what rexes are on this community and how many of them have been holding back.

Let me run out to the garage to get some fresh pics :)

Everyone who can...POST UP!!!!

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Here's my 89 Si her name is ebony. She's next to her friend Ivory.
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The Stormtrooper

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^^^^storm trooper is a perfect name. I like that matching luggage carrier. Very clean. I wish my crx was in white, maybe one day I'll get it painted. :(
Here is mine

91 Si, i am based in Singapore.
his name is blackie

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My 2 current crx's.. bought them both as they sit. CrustedRex has a ZC,
and the yellow one has a d16a6 with a mini me. both 91 Si's.
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Miss this place, it's sad how dead it is. Anyone know of any active crx pages or groups? Here's my 49 :bounce:

Going into another season with it I'm going to finish up suspension and some cosmetic tune ups, heart should be good only has 84k :tongueblue:

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drzkidluis said:
Miss this place, it's sad how dead it is. Anyone know of any active crx pages or groups?
There's a couple on Facebook, but this is still the best source. Also, I'll be in Northborough Mass this weekend for Memorial Day. But not in the CRX. :(
Finally got my CRX back last summer and drove it across country even though it needed a lot of work. Finally figured out what I wanted to do with suspension and found wheels I've always wanted, and got it back to road worthy and safe. Probably doing the clutch, main seals, and transmission rebuild this winter.

Need to go find some better locations now for photos.

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Impulse purchase on BaT.

1989 si. Like new. Love it.

Always wanted one.

Hmm. weird. Can't upload pics
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