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Personal Crxes with Pics!!! Its You who's important

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Ok... so after talking with daveb91, ive decided that we should start a thread where everyone posts a pic of their own crx, and it dosent matter the condition. Since i dont exactly have a running rex, im just going to post a update. It would be nice to see what rexes are on this community and how many of them have been holding back.

Let me run out to the garage to get some fresh pics :)

Everyone who can...POST UP!!!!

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REXXXSi89 said:
Finally got my CRX back last summer and drove it across country even though it needed a lot of work. Finally figured out what I wanted to do with suspension and found wheels I've always wanted, and got it back to road worthy and safe. Probably doing the clutch, main seals, and transmission rebuild this winter.

Need to go find some better locations now for photos.

Thats one nice looking CRX

So I discovered this unmolested gem at the American Legion for sale. The gentleman was a retired aviation mechanic that use it take his mother to medical appointments or Sunday drives. It has been stored in a heated garage. I could not believe how pristine this car was. Curious about the hatch sun leavers. I don't see alot of them. The original bra cracks me up.
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