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Pilot bearing replacement?

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Hey guys. I'm look at the factory service manual and it says that I need a special driver tool to pound in the new pilot bearing on the fly wheel. Can I just use something else like a 15/16" socket to knock it in? The idea is to only exert force on the outside ring of the bearing, correct?
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thats right you just want to hit the outside of it..... you can use a socket to get it i there that will be fine but you should see if you can rent a proper driver tool for it.... just do not beat the thing directly with a hammer.... .

good luck ,

Ok... I got it in with the socket. One word of caution to anyone else that tries this. The socket will shift around after each strike of the hammer. Take your time and make sure the socket is lined up with the outer rim of the bearing before each tap of the hammer. You do not want to strike the bearing on any of the inner sections.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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