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Piston Question

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I have 3 good pistons from a ZC laying around, the 4th, however is slightly mushroomed from when the rod snapped. I would think they are an alloy, so I shouldn't have to worry if I tossed them on the engine lathe at school and trimmed them down. Would I be risking anything if I just cut the edges at an angle? I know they need to stay pretty well balanced. I've also thought about knocking down the mushrooming on the bad one, and leaving the rest alone.

Any opinions, or should I just look for a better set of pistons?

-edit- btw, I'm looking at using these in a D15 block, possibly with a Y8 head. ~11-11.5:1 compression
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I would be very careful with the internals. If you shave any material off, it's going to be off balance. Best thing to do would be look for someone else with a blown ZC with a couple good pistons and get one from that.
Actually, I recall reading that they're ballanced as sets. Each piston is weighed after being made, assigned a letter and placed in a set of 4 with other similar pistons. I immagine the same thing is done with the connecting rods... maybe rod and piston sets are matched depeding on weight as well?
That was why I'm thinking of machining all 4, with a scale nearby. I plan on taking the block to have it balanced when its ready to be put together anyway. I just don't want to screw them up.

I was also wondering if there is some sort of coating or alloy that I would have to worry about removing?
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