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the d16a1 is the Us version of the jdm DOHC ZC. . . they are very simalier and very different. ..
Mainly the a1 has less power then the zc and the drivers side mount on the a1 is different and will not bolt up directly. to your ef chassis.

yes people have done this ..

no no one makes a mount kit ( at least mainstream that i am aware of)

no it is not a wise choice. .the additional amount of work required to put this engine is will more than likely outweigh the power that you would gain with it. .. i would stick with your stock si's a6 or vtec head the a6 or go japan zc either dohc or sohc or just a newer d engine. z6 y8 etc.

more power, more potential, and easier in the long run . .

welcome to the site. .

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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