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POLL on Personalized license plate that I want to get

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Personalized license plate... Y49VTEC ????
Yes not bad but some what stupid853.33%
No its GAY746.67%
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Well should I get it? I need to get new plates and been thinking about it for a while but its 239$???? POLL PLEASE
I wouldn't pay extra for a plate personally, but it's your car. I got a CRX VTEC sticker for the rear from stickershop a while ago, I like the way it looks, that way you can have VTEC on there and still have a normal plate. Normally I also say a vanity plate is a good way for your car to be recognised, maybe by people you don't want to (Mark, any insight?) but a Y49 kind of stands out anyway.
Does the price vanity plates where you live go to a charity or something? In NH we have a Moose plate, and the extra money goes to a state conservation fund. In PA, you can get DARE plates that are all-black (bad ass!).
Personalized plates are to easy to memorize . Not good if you ever get in a bad situation.
Trust me. When you're paying attention to it, all of them are easy to remember. I know someone who is disturbingly good at this. (hint)
I like the idea but didn't realize it was so much $. Is it the same $ when you renew it? How does that work in Canada?
I'm just going to wait until I can apply for classic/historic plates...only six more years.
Its only that much to order a custom plate.
Everytime I consider a vanity plate I decide against it because:

1) I don't want to attract thieves with K20-CRX or the like
2) I don't want it easy to remember for people with an ax to grind.
I think that vanity plates can be sweet...but $239 dollars?!? I thought it was ~$25 in Arizona (I may be horribly wrong with that estimate). For that price, I'm going to have to say spend it elsewhere.
Ouch Mike!
I have a vanity plate on my car,but I only pay $80 a year for mine.If it was $239 I'd be rocking a normal plate.
I guess in the long run,"Is it worth it to you to spend that much on a plate to tell everyone that you like your car color?"
If it was less I'd say go for it,but that price is a bit too high.IMO
OK guys thanks for the input after some master da baiting I've decided to hold off. Reasons, Price, Cops, and classic car status after 20 years old.

Thanks for the help guys.

Here's a plate that could get a pass from a thief:

D15B PWR or D15 NSYD
Ours are only $40 more in Texas.
dohcrxl said:
Here's a plate that could get a pass from a thief:

D15B PWR or D15 NSYD
haha I was just going to say

Yeah, I try not to put steal me stickers or plates on my car. I stick with the "who vanalized your car" type graphix.
I should get something to piss of the import haters, FUV8, V8RGAY, V8BOAT, or OLLIEISGAY hehe, I liked this one I saw on a porsche YY4U.

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