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Basically the car has to go.
It it brutally painful for me to be typing this, but some financial difficulties and pending divorce force this sale.

Check for new lower price.

A few points to clarify in advance:

1) Although ebay/autotrader might be the best option for max $$$$ for the sale of the car as a whole, I would most likely have to fix the few little "issues" with it (see page 1 on my FS thread) before I could sell it there. I simply don't have the
a) $$$$
b) time
c) expertise/knowledge
to do this. People who *MIGHT* spend $9-$10K on this car are going to expect it to be close to perfect.
Otherwise, they'll probably just move on to a newer prelude, EG/EK civic, S2K, etc.

2) Believe me guys, parting this thing out would make me cry like a school girl for probably a week straight, but it might yield the most $$$$ as this car has the best of everything as far as parts go (as if y'all don't know this already :wink: ).

3) I MIGHT be willing to do a cash+trade for the car, but I'm VERY picky.
Here's what I'm looking for:
---something $3K range or less
---prefer civic, corolla/prizm
---in good working order (A/C, power options, etc)
---recent repairs/new parts a big plus
---basically a stock (or simple, tasteful mods---no crazy body kits, neon interior, or fart cans need apply) vehicle that needs little/nothing and is reliable.
---probably a mid-90's civic ex 5-spd sedan or something similar.

bryman<----in tears as I'm typing
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