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Post your favorite CRX pic (56K beware)

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Please don't add comments without adding a pic. It helps keep the thread clean.

Here's one I like. There's so many it's hard to pick a favorite, but I find myself looking at this one a lot.

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mycrxlife said:
superkaliguy said:
My old crx

And the New crx

Did you repaint your car?
Back from the dead :)
Here's my baby!

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That one was parked right next to my HF one day outside of my local WalMart where I work. Was there on my day off to get a couple of things. Thought it was cool.
beastek9 said:
My 89' SI before the K swap
Holy crap that is sleeeeek!
This must be one of my favourites, very good work. And CRX's always look good in black. :)b
Looks like something out of a concept drawing.. also something that won't be built ever again, we need to take care of these little cars
Forgot to post this one.. Found her posted up at the JDM Meet in Ljubjana, Slovenia last year:

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My favorite CR-X picture for 2016. A friend's picture. Credit to Alan from Singapore.
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:)b RPF1 and crx look so good
Digging this up from the grave.

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761 - 780 of 785 Posts