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Preventing Sunroof rust

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I got a new sunroof assembly really cheap from a friend today, he stripped a 91 Si shell and got me some parts. I have read (but of course can't find how) that it's possible to take the roof apart and fix the rust problem areas. How do you do this?
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I believe the sunroof panel is made of two pieces of stamped sheet metal. They should be spot welded around the outside lip and glued together in the middle. You'd have to grind/drill out the spot welds and separate the glue. once you have the two panels apart, you can sand them or sandblast them and paint them with POR-15. Reassemble them as before, and voila... they'll never rust again. It's a lot of work, but it's the only way of guaranteeing the rust won't be a problem least not for a long time.
or make the lexan one :p
rex2nr said:
or make the lexan one :p
Yeah, I'm going to make the lexan one now I think. First I'll paint the new panel and install it, mine is terrible. I'll use the current one as a mold for the lexan.
if you have a good panel, then I'd try to work the lexan into it, though, you could make a new lexan one, and sell the non rusted one... could probably get enough to break even
Previously I had recommended repainting the whole panel with POR15. However, after myself and someone else did it, the POR15 shrunk slightly while it cured and deformed the tissue thin metal. I now suggest painting just the spot welded contact spots, then use a glue to reasseble them at the spot welds.
I did the whole panel in por15 also the lower doors rear 1/4s.... Never had a problem with shrinking used the silver formula dont know if that made a difference. Everything has been rust free for a couple years now.
I got mine here in holland.

I hated it at first. It set me back $200 (wich is cheap compared to OEM).
However, step one was dropping it off at the painter. It was really weavy. He smoothed out the resin, and applied 3 thick layers of clearcoat.

After that I liked it much better.
Install was a pain...since almost none of the bolts lined up perfectly.
But after an afternoon of DIY and dremeling, it fits like stock as you can see.

It IS more noisy. I'm planning on making a new isolated foof liner for it. And it creaks and moans when it's freezing cold.

But looks good, and it won't rust ever again!
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