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After reading some positive comments about the time-sert thread repair kits I decided to purchase one of the kits to fix a stripped rear motor mount hole in my transmission. I removed my transmission today to do a clutch job and decided to repair the bolt hole while I was at it.

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy the repair was. It took me less than 10 mins to make a professional-quality repair. They provide you with all the tools you need to do the repair. 1 drill bit, 1 thread tap, 1 counter-sink bit, and the thread insert installer bit. The only extras that you need is some cutting oil and some Lock-tite thread sealant.

All of the bits provided are meant to be used in a tap wrench by hand. I recommend using cutting oil on all of the tools to make them last longer and provide a more accurate cutting job. You first drill out the hole, which essentially just removes all the old threads plus a small amount of extra metal from the side walls of the hole. You then create the new threads with the supplied tap. You then use the counter-sink bit to create a small lip around the top of the hole. Finally, you use the thread insert installer bit that installs the insert. The insert itself has a small lip around the top that sits perfectly inside the counter-sunk lip that you created earlier. This prevents the insert from going further into the hole than desired. Once everything is done, you now have a steel insert that will accept the original bolt. No need to change bolt sizes or thread pitchs. The new hole is actually stronger than stock because it is now made out of steel instead of aluminum. In addition, the outside threads of the insert are perfectly lined up with the inside threads of the insert (it is called "timed threading"). This enables the new bolt hole to handle the maximum stress that is possible since there are no weak points where the threads don't line up.

Repaired threads on the right

As for's a bit pricey. One kit will only do a single bolt size and thread pitch. My kit for metric 12x1.25 cost $66.15 US and it came with 5 short 15mm thread inserts. I opted to purchase an additional bunch of 12x1.25 inserts that were 24mm long at a price of $1.38 US each. (You want to replace as much of the thread section as possible). However, even at this price, I would still say that it is worth it if you want a very high quality repair job.

Kudos to the guys and gals at! :)b
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