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Product Reviews:Forever Black, POR15 Boss Gloss

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Forever Black - most of the trim on my car had faded to a very dull grey so I bought Forever Black to restore it to black. Forever Black is a shoe polish like black dye. It even comes in a shoe polish applicator. After washing the trim with the supplied conditioner then drying, it goes on easily and takes only a few minutes to dry (a lot less than the 10-15 minutes the bottle says it takes to dry). I did have few problems with it - I had trouble getting it to coat evenly. My trim was was so faded that if the Forever Black had any bubbles or I overlapped a strokes it looked terrible. I discovered if I put on several coats and immediately wiped off the excess between coats the result was satisfactory. Even doing that it was still a little uneven. The final problem I had was it getting on the paint. The bottle does say tape off painted areas but I of course ignored that. I did discover that a damp cloth with a little bit of the Forever Black conditioner and elbow grease removes it. My result was darker (though still uneven in sunlight) trim. Grade - B- (isn't as easy as it sounds and will only make badly faded trim darker, not black).

POR15 Boss Gloss - this corrected the uneveness left by the Forever Black. Boss Gloss is advertised as an Armorall alternative that lasts weeks instead of days. It looks and smells exactly like Armorall so it is obviously a silicone based product. It does bring the trim up to a high shine quicker than Armorall. It also doesn't soak in as fast as Armorall (especially on softer trim like the door ding strips that usually look bad hours after applying Armorall). So it's less work to put on with equal results. I'll report back to see if it really does last weeks instead days........Grade - A+ (for now if doesn't last two weeks or so the grade will be lowered)
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The best thing for faded, old, dry black trim is to paint it. There is a paint that is made for trim. I have a can in my garage. I will tell you what it is soon.

To keep it shiny use my product called "Rizzo". It really will last for weeks, even through rain. It is the highest grade silicone available. It costs ten times what the other companies use. It works wonders on tires and trim. Ask Tom.
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