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project de-rice.....PICS

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well i almost have it paid off and ive finally come to my senses.....first off i bought some carpet and am placing most of the mint 91 interior in my 89 including the seats which are in pretty darn good shape.....i sold my hood in order to get close to paying my car off :( but its ok because i plan on getting a usdm sir hood in the future....i am removing the kit and refinishing my doors when it gets a little warmer so i can return the exterior to stock :D....i plan on replacing the corners and turn signals with amber and i am also working on upgrading :lol: to some 16 inch rota slips......and then finally i hope to pull the drivetrain and clean up the bay and transplant in another heart...o and i cant forget to replace the sunroof which haha :oops: isnt a good subject...why didnt i come to my senses earlier?.....i think the adopt a ricer program needs to work a little harder are some random pics...i was bored....

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Is the kit fiberglass or urethane? I'd keep the kit; it is a common kit style and isn't ricey, in my opinion.
I'm guessing you spilled some chinese in the interior, There's NO rice that I can see. The rest of that car looks VERY nice. I really like the kit and wheels. wanna sell em? PM me. lol.
I dont care for the back bumper but yeah I think the fron bumper looks nice. Unless there were some dumb vinyls that you had on it before and took off or something with the interior I wouldn't say its too ricey.But either way it's a nice looking car so good luck on the "de-riceing" work.
The car doesn't look too bad, other than the clear corners and the rear bumper.

dougcrx said:
i plan on getting a usdm sir hood in the future]
A USDM SiR hood? Sounds like a contradiction. :D
CF i can only assume.
Not a bad looking CRX, looks like WW rs or similar kit but the rear bumper is a little much.
yea i know it was a bit of an exageration......the only real rice is the rear bumper and clears.....but the interior is mint and i finished the body before it got cold and its just about perfect.....i m actually paying my car off and getting some smaller rims by selling the kit hood and wheels :lol:....the black si in the picture will be my dads after im done taking what i want from it so it will be recieving the kit and rims.... so its spirit will still live on.....
yes usdm sir = cf.... ftw! :D .....and the kit is fiberglass but had some major work done on it compliments of my dad...the kit is a 12 piece mugen flared replica without the flares...i dont think its too bad besides the rear bumper...and it sure did look sexy with tha zc cf glad its all staying in the trying to convince him to get a ww rear bumper...
The first pic reminds me of the Wings West official publicity pics for their RS kit. :)
id cut the bottom strip out of the rear bumper :wink: they way better in my oppinon that way
yea i thought it look good with a ww rear bumper with a portion cut out....
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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