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props for the community at my work....

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I was showing off my community pride at work today. :D

my "workstation". :D

anyone else showing off their community stickers?
Oh did I mention I got a thing for yellow? :lol:
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You and me brother...... i love yellow.. . . . . and thought i am not an auto tech anymore. . . .. my computer here at the office is slathered with yellow community stickers
If you like yellow check out what I bought last Saturday. I've been wanting to get a 20" BMX bike for a while. I have already changed out the seat and the handlebars, purchased some Haro Ryan Nyquist 4 piece bars. Haven't slapped on a CRXCommunity sticker on it yet.

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kinda looks like a mini version of mine... '98 Gary Fisher Marlin, yellow pearl
I'm 26 years old and riding a 20" BMX bike. I just got bored the other day and I have a bike store just two stores down from my store so I bought a 2006 GT Compe. Been a lot of fun so far.
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