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question relating to sponsorship

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hello, everyone! as you can see, this is my first post in this forum-have the same name as another crx forum, i'm the guy that had my car stolen and recovered if anyone remembers.
anyway-my question relates to a professional writing class i'm currenty enrolled in. thist project relates to a proposal of some sort. now, i remember coming across an article, either online or in a magazine relating to HOW a letter should be structured and what to include. (I'm very good at writing a persuassive letter without any format to follow)
now, I don't really need to send a letter or application out, just write a convincing one.
Does anyone know what "sponorship" entails (mostly for just show, not race), for someone entering the aftermarket scene?
thanks in advance for any help.
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Yeah I'd like to know too... do you have any specific companies yet? From what I've heard, its easier to get sponsorships from Corbeau, StreetGlow, and Hot Import Nights (to get into their shows for free). My club is working on it now but so far all we have is the HIN sponsorship, according to the Prez.
No specific companies, but I wanted to gear a letter towards either an aftermarket company or a performance shop. I'm not part of a club, and my car is a daily driver, very stock appearance, too. I'll try to take pics, since I think I would need some for this project.
Most places won't sponsor without pictures of your car. Alot of places also require that you put their name on your car ( I know Corbeau requires a 4" sticker), and some sponsorships require attending certain shows. The discounts and free parts are nice, but if you're not totally dedicated it could come back to bite you in the ass.
It helps if youve built another car up to an award winning level before, other wise youre going to find it difficult to get many sponsors without proof of what you can do for them. ironically..its easiest to get sponsorship if your car is pretty much complete. Companies get hundreds if not thousands of requests for sponsorship from people with wish lists and promises.

many companies also want bang for the buck, do you have a history of attending alot of shows, our team does 20 plus major shows a year plus several other shop meets and small shows, as a result we meet alot of companies and pick up team and individual sponsorship that way. so it helps to include a schedule of shows you will be attending after theyve sponsored you.

they also love a car that has a high chance of getting in a magazine, as any sponsorship is basically part of the companies marketing strategy. so unless you think youre ready for a feature, you may have a long road ahead of you.

im not saying you cant pick up sponsors with a stock may be very persuasive and able to talk people into things, some times you can pick up a sponsor because they have a new product they want to intro for a car that hasnt saturated the scene yet, not likely to happen with any honda especially an older one, think 350Zs when they came out..or WRXs and Evo's.

So a thing alot of sponsors look for, pics of the car..list of mods..schedules past and future, awards won, past and future magazine features,a paragraph explaining how you can help promote their products, a little bull**** to hold it

hope that helps a little
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Pag, are you with Team Emotion? They have some of the craziest cars in the country, IMO.

I remember seeing THIS Integra and a few of their other cars at a show last month.
yeah..i roll with Emotion. if you look on the emotion site im the CRX in virginia thats coming

if you were at tunerwar when the doors opened(a freaking hour early) i wouldve been the guy putting graphics on some of the cars at the last minute.
Pag said:
if you were at tunerwar when the doors opened(a freaking hour early) i wouldve been the guy putting graphics on some of the cars at the last minute.
And that's definitely not something that you want to rush... I bet you were totally freaking out!
the 50 people who ended up watching me put the last few stripes and logos on were a little distracting , i wouldve been done if the show had opened at the proper time. it didnt help that i had been up the previous day and nite weeding a few hundred stickers for the sema booth(wont ever take that contract again)
Yeah I was at Tuner War, I didn't see you though.

I also like the Green and C.F. RX-7 from Tuner War, and the Silver Civic Hatchback with the Gold decals and wheels. Very nice cars.
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