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Questions on PCV's and Obd1 D-series Vs. B-series Injectors

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I'm just about to put my motor into my car and i'm finishing up the little things on it. It is a b18A bottom end with an obd2 B18b head and manifold, i'm running the whole thing obd0 though on a PR4, my d-series injectors are currently wired for Obd1 Clips, the injectors in the b18b are OBd2 and i don't have the clips and i don't plan on getting them, i'm putting this in in 2 days. I have the Obd0 injectors and clips but i'd rather not re-wire again for them. Question is are the Obd1 D-series injectors compatable into the B18b, that'd make my life alot easier.

Question II: The obd2 Head has the PCV going into the Valve cover, the Obd0 B18A block has that black Box on the back of it and if I route the PCV into the Valve cover then this Black box has a hole left in the top of it. If i route the PCV into the black box then i'm stuck with a hole in the valve cover. Also there is a small Coolant line that runs off the back of the Thermostat housing junction on the b18a block that is'nt used on the newer b18b blocks and now with me using the b18b head this hose has no where to go, what do you guys do with this? cap it or seal it off?

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The injectors are the same volume, so you'll be all set with them.

The hole on the valve cover is just a breather, not the PCV (PCV=Positive Crankcase Vent). Run the PCV out of the block box to the valve cover. The one on the valve cover goes to the intake tube normally, just before the throttle body.
awsome to hear about the injectors

About the vent though, yeah i know about the vent to the intake arm, but on an obd2 LS b18b there is a hole right in the middle rear section of the valve cover with a rubber grommet around it, there is a larger vacuum line that runs right from the middle of the Intake manifold to this hole with what looks to me like a PCV that plugs into the hole at the valve cover. It is the same hose and Valve lookin thing that runs from the manifold to the lower part of the manifold and into the black box on the block on OBD1 and Obd0 cars. My problem is that no matter what way i run this line i'm going to have an open hole, either one in the valve cover or 1 in the black box on the block.
Ok... maybe get a T-fitting and tap in to the other one?
hmm, i'm thinking about just running it the way it is ran on an Obd1 Setup, which would be, upper manifold fitting --->vacuum line with PCV on end going to lower manifold ----> short line coming off pcv under manifold and into the black box ---->black box is then just mounted to block and has another line coming from it going into the fitting on the head. i would then put a PCV in the Valve cover with no line goin to it, basically just use it to pretty much plug the hole, does this make any sense. My issue is that the PCV lines i'd be using are coming off my old B18A obd0 head and the small short line that goes from the black box to the underneither of the manifold where the PCV attatches broke at the nipple, i hate these things, they always break when you try to take them off, i really hope this is'nt a honda only item because i was hoping on putting this thing in in 2 days. thanx for your help so far man
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