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Radio not working

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I searched but couldn't really find anything relevant, except for a post regarding getting an original radio harness from another 89-91 CRX/Civic and replacing the one in my CRX. I might just do that if I can't figure out a solution to my problem.

So, I have an aftermarket radio/CD player in my CRX (some form of the Sony Xplod series). Whenever it rains or is damp overnight my radio does not get any power until after I've driven a good half hour or more. Also, on a side note, I probably need a new antenna as the one in my CRX has been folded over and zip tied together in some feeble attempt to get the antenna working properly. I doubt there are any CRXs at the local pull-its. Can I get it from any 4th gen Civic? Or how about aftermarket ones?

Thanks in advance for the help!
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According to the autozone website, the antenna is an item normally stocked by stores, Metra item number AW-HD96 priced at $11.99. The Metra website lists it as part number 44-HD96.
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