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So i had a most excellent weekend....on par with any other excellent weekend.
saturday i worked on the rex, prepping for BOOST, cleane dup the yard and the house. organzied my boxes for shipping, looks like we buy lots of car parts up in here.

sunday, well sunday was most excellent
first i woke up to the smell of bacon and my buiddy kev waking me up to give me money
THEN short circuit was on tv while i ate said bacon
then i got up and testfitted my roll cage and new seats in teh crx, wired up my shift light and relocated my cd player....then marcy marc came home from philly with a trunk full of mt dew

yeah so far so good...this was like noon

then we went and worked on the audi and i got it to start finally! yay us. hten larry d (marcs dad) bought us some pizza
then we went home and i took a shower and it was very refreshing
then we went out to buy some stuff and chill at this kid js house....we had an excellent time...i helped some girls wiht math homework (which sounds lame but was actually fun)
then we stole the fryolater back from js and went home and made snakcs, watched clerks II
then i fell asleep
the day just flowed, iuts like i shook the magic eight ball and it says 'outlook is good'

shiny happy day, then today the evil snow came

ARGH look out at like 7 am and its snowing WTF!!!! at least it was melty by when i got up

poor poor crxs....they are allergic to snow!

yeah im a little off im all hopped up on some medicine and mt dew so i may not type very logically right now..

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hahhaha short circuit!!

yay snow! that looks awesome... i want snowww!!!!

man.. i woulda spent monday morning throwing snowballs and making snow men and snow angels... awwwww we miss out down here.

are there no garages for your cars?? well.. atleast 2? haha...
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