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That is the coolest CRX commercial I've seen. Funny how I've been jokingly calling the "blacking out" of my CRX (smoking lights, tint, black wheels, etc.) "Operation Stealth" as of late...pretty fitting.

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MarkWilliamson said:
Got any pictures?

I'd love to do a flat black, all black CRX.
I'll be posting some soon. Mine isn't flat-black. I will hopefully have the time to paint the wheels and the center section and border of the taillights (the darker portion of 90-91 tails) this weekend. Here's a list of what I have done/plan to do.

1. Start with a black CRX with all mouldings, etc. painted black. (done)
2. Tint all windows @ 20% with windshield strip. (done)
3. Black out amber bumper lights using window tint. (done)
4. Smoke taillights and amber corner lights using VHT Niteshades spray.
5. Paint center taillight section and taillight border (90-91) gloss black.
6. Paint bronze Rota Slipstreams and center caps semi-gloss black.
7. Install black lug nuts, maybe paint brake calipers, etc. black.
8. Install tinted window visors from (waiting for door-mounted seatbelt version, currently out of stock).
9. Paint chrome Honda emblem on hood semi-gloss black. (done)
10. Remove Honda emblem from rear "triangle" glass (done).
11. Remove CRX emblem from center taillight section.
12. Install tinted license plate cover with black frame. (done).
13. Install new OEM Si front bumper lip (picking it up from the local dealer Friday).
14. Eventually, maybe a CF hood.
15. Paint rear section of my Inidia exhaust flat/semi-gloss black (done a few months ago, will be getting resprayed soon as it's burning off a little toward where it bolts up to the section ahead of it).
16. Hopefully next spring, a Jackson Racing Supercharger. I don't even care if it's not black :)

If I'm not 100% happy with the way the headlights and smoked corners look with this setup once everything is done, I may consider some black projectors headlights and matching corner lights. The window tint on the bumper lights, by the way, turned out pretty nice. I used something like 25 or 30% tint, not the limo 5% stuff. Laid the tint on the lens, wrapped it around the sides so none of the bare lens showed when installed, and put it back together. They look black as hell and blend right in with the bumper, but when you hit the turn signal the light shines through suprisingly well. I may get some bright LED bulbs for all the lights I smoke/tint just to make sure that plenty of light shows through in any conditions, but it's quite acceptable as-is.

The tinted license plate frame hopefully won't draw any excessive police attention. At night, the light that shines on the plate lights it up really well so it shouldn't be a problem then. We'll see. I doubled-up the darkness of it using two of the tinted shields stacked on one another over the plate, but it's still quite visible/legible. We'll see how it works out.

I'm also doing some interior stuff that's sorta related. The steering wheel, shift boot, and recovered seats are all black (fake) leather with red stitching (the only color other than black that's allowed on the car, haha). When I installed sound deadening and had the interior totally stripped I used some spray fabric/vinyl dye to take the carpet, floormats, and other carpeted parts in the rear interior (divider panel, cargo cover, etc.) from the stock/faded dark grey to a nice dark black. The grey console/armrest I picked up from a 96-00 Civic got the same treatment. The "stealth install " of the Valentine 1 concealed display in the stock clock location that I posted awhile back fits the theme, too.

When I had a Y-49 car, I always wanted a black CRX to totally black out...and now I've finally got the project underway. I'll post some pics sometime soon as the project comes along, so keep an eye out. Sorry this was so long, but it gave me a chance to organize my thoughts into a kind of "to do list" that will come in handy.

Much like the wise words of the men of Spinal Tap...hopefully soon the question, "How much more black can this car be?" can be answered with, "None...none more black."

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article posted above said:
Word has it that when the commercial was first run, about 2 weeks before the official Air force rollout, the phone literally exploded off the walls at both the Pentagon and Northrop headquarters, with all these top brass military and politicians demanding how some Japanese car company got the design of the plane before it was even released.
Hmm, somehow I doubt it. Pet peeve: people who say "literally" when they really mean the exact opposite. David Cross does a good bit on that on one of his albums.

"Dude, I was laughing so hard, I literally s*** my pants!"

"What did you do?"

"What do you mean, dude? I was laughing!"

"No, I mean, what did you do with your s****y pants?"

"No dude, I didn't really s*** my pants, I literally s*** my pants!"

I also liked this:

Northrop, having built the YB-49 many years earlier...
Sounds pretty close to a certain cursed color code! Another CRX/Stealth connection. Were these projects designed under the same roof? Haha.

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Yes, but the last two pics of the plane in South Dakota are real. I've seen that plane. Must be a hell of a mock-up, didn't look like wood. :shock:
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