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So, i've been her since the board started, but obviously dont post much. I've had the Resource as my homepage since i found it about 2.5 years ago. I finally changed my homepage to The CRX Community yesterday 8) so you should see me around a lot more. i just got tried of that place and the fact that most of the guys i knew from there got banned :roll:

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re-welcome! ;) Enjoy your stay!

Welcome and as you can see I post even less than you :lol:

I am working on it though
Welcome to the community. . . . Its just like smalltown usa's average friendly community. . . except most of us have never met. . . .none the less I think i speak for most all of us here when i say that i consider you all my closest friends. . . . I mean where in life can you find a bunch of people that want to hear you ramble on about your CRx for hours on end little lone encourage the fact. .. . .

the community ROCKS !!!!!

Welcome agian . . .
I just got banned this week after being on the Resource for about as long if not a bit longer than yourself. Welcome. :D
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