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1) Get a couple of 3" and a couple of 4" C clamps. Not only will it hold the shoes in place while you attach the springs, but you can use it to attach the spring clips to the tension pins. The manual says to turn the clip. A much easier way is to compress the spring clip with a C-clamp and then use needle nose pliers to turn the end of the tension pin.

2) Use a couple of 8mm 1.25 bolts of about 70mm long to remove the drums. Simply alternately tighten them in the holes on the drum and the drum will quickly work its way off. No need to risk a cracked drum by beating the hell out of it.

3) Don't remove the dust cap and axle nut. It is not necessary and very difficult. :lol:

4) Get a brake bleeding offset wrench and a buddy. It is much easier to use that wrench. I think the fronts are 8mm and the rear 10mm or vice versa. It just seems they were different from memory. But I was so effing sick of the job at this point that I could have just been punch drunk.

5) Have an understanding wife and keep the kids indoors so they don't hear your foul language or get scared by the blood.

6) Use gloves. I had nylon gloves that worked very well. I have heard that nitrile gloves are even better. Brake cleaner mixed with grease and brake dust will stain your hands and nails.

7) Put your car up on jack stands. It is much easier to bleed the brakes without wheels on.

8) Loosen the parking brake.

9) Have someone help you the first time. Or at the very least, get the number of someone on this list to be able to call with questions.

10) Buy lots of brake fluid. I like the Syntec synthetic stuff. Bleed it like a mofo to flush out the old.

11) Bleed in this order. LF, RR, RF, LR. Repeat.

12) Do one side at a time so you can use the one you haven't diassembled as a reference.

13) Buy lots of brake cleaner. Use a toothbrush.

That's all that comes to mind now. I am going drinking with my wife and our friends now. Then I got to find a job soon or I will have to go back to whoring out my wife and selling drugs at the local YMCA.

Thanks for the help guys! I learned a lot and saved some bucks.

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