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Rear ended in a CRX...No not me

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A couple days ago, there was a accident on I-95 in Philadelphia. The CRX was parked on the shoulder and was rear ended by a off duty cop. There were three people in the car and so far, everybody has survived.

The cops arrive on the scene to find the off duty cop walking down the highway. They put him in the back of the cop car and while investigating the accident, the off duty cop blows his brains out with his service revolver.

Very sad. He was a 20 something year veteran of the Philadelphia PD.
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holy crap! do they know why he killed himself? i would hope that an accident wouldnt push him to do it. there has to be more that they arent letting out.
Thats crazy...

And I wonder why they added in the story that he lived with his dad. That doesn't have anything to do with the story... or does it?

3 people in a CRX? That's insane? Just kidding. But seriously, that's really sad. There had to have been a lot more going on with him for that to happen.
I wonder if he was trying to kill him self by rearending that crx.
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