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Rear light bulb removal

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I was leaving for work and my co worker told me one of my back lights were out, so when I got home, I took apart the plastic tab to see how to remove the bulb. ( its the rear light that stays on - its next to the signaling bulb). Well I looked to see if I could pull/twist the plastic holder thing, bulb socket I guess, but it wouldnt come off. how do you properly replace the bulb?
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On my 88, you twist it about a quarter turn and then pull it out.
Last time I changed my bulbs I really had to muscle it for that quarter of a turn. I almost put a wrench on it. Then after I turned it that quarter turn it still didn't want to come out. You have to pull it straight out fairly hard.
baker423 said:
Twist and pull it out, thats the only way it comes out.

Some penetrating oil such as PB Blaster might help it if it feels as if its stuck.
dont pull it out too hard and break the bulb. might cause a little pain to take out a broken bulb from the socket
mine were corroded in the sockets big time from a water leak.

Just break the glass bulb, and use pilers to turn and pull the metal base out of the socket.
Ragnaarok said:
Just break the glass bulb, and use pilers to turn and pull the metal base out of the socket.
If you end up ruining the socket and can't get the rest of the bulb out, tail light harneses are easy enough to come by in a salvage yard. :)
thanks for all the advice guys. I got a better grip today, rather than trying to rush to remove it last night. and yup, all I had to do was give it that quarter turn. the bulb was cracked open lol. bought a pair and replaced em both! good stuff :D
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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