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Rear seats & Cold idle issue

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Let me begin by saying that I don't own a CRX - Yet. If things work out, I'll be going to look at an '87 CRX HF on the 1st, and hopefully I'll be buying it.

I looked up some specs on it and saw that it weighs 1,713 pounds.

Does it have rear seats, and if so...

1) How much do they weigh, counting all attaching hardware?
2) How hard are they to remove?
3) How do I remove them?

Also, the seller has imformed me that it has a cold idle issue - He says that it will not idle on its own while cold, but that once it warms up, its fine - In order of probability, what could cause that, and how would I check them?

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if im not mistaken im pretty sure first gen crx's never had rear seats anywere...

unless the guy threw something in there he made

dont know what to tell you about the motor as im not very smart with those issues
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