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Rear Triangles

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How in the world do you get these things off? I want to take them off so I dont have to mask them and get a nasty line around them. I thought I read one time they were on there with plastic clips. Ive never removed anything that was held on with plastic clips and not have broken at least one or all of them.

Any tips?
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The only time I was able to get them off was when I had no rear interior. If you take out the huge rear interior side panels, you can access those clips very easily.

Its a PITA for such a small/simple little piece, but if you're really determined to get them off, have at it.
well my cargo box and everything is out right now any way. might as well finish her off. Im trying to get my long list of "crap to be done" finished before N11. Paint is #1 right now....if i could settle on a color.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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