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After months of putting it off, I replaced the driver's side axle on my friend's girlfriend's DA teg tonight. What a pain in the ass, everything came apart nicely, but I honestly spent 3 hours trying to get the axle out of the intermediate shaft. I ended up taking the IM shaft out of the car and using a puller thing in the shop to get them apart. Is this normal? I never, EVER have had problems getting axles out, they usually pop right out of the tranny with a pickle fork or even a screwdriver. I haven't done anything with the intermediate shaft though, the closest thing I did was my buddy's MX6, where the IM shaft is part of one of the axles. Anyway, so I was going to to a write up on it if it would help. Also, she called me after driving home and said her alignment is off. Should that happen? I didn't even touch the tie rods or the radius arms, just dropped the LCA off the wishbone and the hub, and pulled the hub aside.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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