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removing HVAC controls

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I'm looking for a write-up or at least some instruction on how to remove/install the heater control unit... I've heard it's a PITA but I don't know exactly how it's in there.
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*edit* My mistake....
No I haven't, but I've got my Helms factory service manual to help me out with that. It just doesn't detail removal of the HVAC controller.

I seriously have to drain the coolant just to remove that front panel?

Another thing, the manual says to lower the steering column when removing the dash. Does that mean just move the tilt adjustment all the way down, or do I need to actually disconnect it and lay it down? Or can I get away with just removing the steering wheel?
Please disregard my last message. I misinterpreted things. I thought you wanted to remove the heater unit behind the dash.

To remove the HVAC control panel, you need to remove the center console and the radio.

You need to disconnect the actuator wires. One is under the dash on the passenger's side. The other goes to the heater valve in the engine bay. They are *much* easier to separate at those ends while the unit is in the car. (You can separate them from the HVAC panel end later once it is out of the car) Disconnect the electrical plugs from the back of the HVAC panel. There is a bracket at the back of the HVAC panel that holds it up. Remove the one screw that holds the bracket in place. Remove the screws on the sides of the HVAC Panel and carefully maneuver it out through the opening where the radio was.

If you have any questions, be sure to let me know.
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