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Removing the rear motor mount bolt?

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I was reading somewhere that you don't have to lower the rear crossmember in order to get at this bolt. Someone was saying that you can remove the fuel filter to get it out of the way and then use a bunch of extensions and a swivle connector on a 14mm socket to get this bolt out. Is this correct? Does anyone have any other ideas?
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i cant believe that after 3 year nobody has add their thought!!
i would say the way i did it was to use a rachet style wrench those work great
are you mining for ancient threads? haha

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yeah i looking for some good maybe something some one has missed
I'm guessing you're talking about the bolt that goes through the mount?

I was able to install ES poly motor mount inserts without removing or loosing anything extra... Couldn't tell you how as I don't remember but I know I did it.
12" extension swivel & standard socket. You may need an impact the first time. I'v taken this out many time no problem.
I usually take off the whole mount and bracket in one piece and it is simpler though sounds more difficult.
Pull the rubber intake boot off the throttle body; that gives you pretty decent access. I still used a "wobble extension" to get a little bit of an angle on the two bolts that go down from the top.

The one through the center was easy after those two were out; just a wrench to hold the one side and a socket and ratchet on the other.

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