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Replacement muffler -- no heat shield?

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So I just replaced my stock muffler with a close-to-stock Bosal. Not as happy with the build quality as I'd hoped, but it bolted on just fine and sits a little askew but is alright. The one concern I have is that it doesn't have a heat shield built in like the stock muffler did. Is this something I should be concerned about, or is the air gap between the top of the muffler and the car sufficient?


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The air gap is usually sufficient (it doesn't get THAT hot), so long as there is a gap. It will of course cause the rear trunk area to get warmer than usual, but its not that bad...
Thanks for the reassurance ComposiMo :D
ive had no problems not have a heat shield on my exhaust. honda just put them there to rattle and bug the hell out of you anyway.
Compared to the rest of the exhaust on our cars..... that is one of the cooler sections of it anyway.... you will be fine....

yeah..i took both of mine off they rattle too much, especially against an aftermarket exhaust. i didnt notice any heat difference.
my replacment didn't have a sheild (Autozone Turbo2), I haven't noticed an issue, and it sits pretty high the way I mounted it
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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