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By the book,You would have to discharge the system.. :cry:

There are however, a couple of ways to cheat...

What I did was to make a single, straight horizontial
cut in the black insulation against the firewall
and peel it back out of the way.. Mine was already ripped..

The added clearance gives you almost enough room to wrestle it out.
Loosening the blower box and surrounding dash so everything has some give will also help..
I coated everything with WD-40 to give it less resistance on the way out.
It was not easy,but it is possible..Take care not to break the
plastic blower wheel.

Another method I have heard of,
You cut a small hole in the filter screen,or peel it out of the way so you can get a
1/4" drive socket in and remove the nut that fastens the blower wheel..
You then remove the motor followed by the fan blade..

When I replaced mine,I made the mistake? of getting it from the dealer.
It was very expensive and it really doesn't seem to blow that hard..
An aftermarket unit would probably be as good or better..

While you are inside the dash,Inspect the evaporator..
Mine was full of dog hair from the previous owners pet.
I used a commercial-type foaming evaporator cleaner
to remove as much as I could without removing it or discharging..

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If I had it to do over again,I would probably
use an aftermarket replacement motor..

The 1995 Civic I have has one of these and
it blows a heck of alot harder than the OEM unit
in the CRX that cost me around 200 bucks.. :rolleyes1:

All it says is: UNIMOTOR 14634 03146 made in Canada..
{Number for a CRX may be different}

>>>>EDIT: I believe this may be the manufactor:

PS>You might try these folks:
They are in Irving near Texas Stadium..
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