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replacing rear bumper reinforcement

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mine's rusted up real bad, but fortunately the rust does not extend to the body. Is there a cheaper fix than buying a new one from Honda? They want almost $300.
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Places like Certi-fit or whatever collision place you have around you have them really cheap compared to that. I know the front one is only like $38 new from them.
Well that's partly the problem. Every collision center and parts warehouse I've called said they only carry the front reinforcement. One guy said they don't have the rear because CRX's are typically totalled when hit in the rear. :(

Google was also unable to locate the rear reinforcement, but turned up plenty of cheap fronts.
I'm having the same issue... I'm tempted to make one if time allows in school since they just bought a welder and tube bender for us this year :)
saerch the classifieds over on h-t. thats where i found one.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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