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Request: Wings West Install pics

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I notice a few members have WW body kits. I would like to know if anyone has pictures of the installation, especially of the side skirts and door caps? I'd also like to know if you used the double stick tape that was supplied with the kit or if you used an adhesive?
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I helped a friend install his kit. We used neither, but he wanted to mold the kit. We used screws to mount it, and then a 2 part urethane adhesive to bond the kit to the metal, and fill the screw holes. Last I saw the car, it was holding up well.
He has a ton, but I'm not sure I can get any of them to post. He's since sold the car, and we don't talk all to often these days.

The screws were placed where the ridges in the back of the kit are, and along the edges. The adhesive came a in two tubes, which mounted into a caulk gun type of unit. We just layed a bead along the edges to hold it, and then filled in the top with about 3 beads. The glue has the same properties as urethane, and sands the same. We then just DA'ed it smooth, filled with Icing (flexable filler), and painted.
I used what was on the kit to stick the caps and side skirts. Still holding up. And if you have a Si you may need to cut the front bumper support to get it to fit. Sorry no install pics just pics before it was painted.
I put a WW kit on my 92 ciivic hatch, Used the 2 side tape first season, urethane them to the side of the car next year. I can post pictures, not sure if it will help you much, give you any idea I guess.
Just used Double sided tape on the door caps its been like I dont know 3+ years now still no problems. And yes my Si bumper needed the protrusions around the bumper lights trimmed. No big deal.
When you install the door caps, don't try to center them on the door. Line the cap up with the edge of the door facing towards the rear of the car, the gap betwwen the fender and the front of the door looks a little goofy, but if you don't do it this way the cap will wind up hitting like mine did. Also when done properly, the double sided tape holds like a champ don't worry.
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