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Rex abducted (update: molested, torched, and left for dead)

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Hi everyone, I'm Shorte's cousin, and longtime CRX enthusiast.

I hate to bring bad news here on my first post, but I feel that the more of my friends know about it, the greater my chances are of seeing justice.

The deal is this: My 1991 CRX DX, my beloved Rex, was stolen today from the Best Buy parking lot where I work. Yes, that's right, in broad daylight.

If any of you guys frequent other import message boards, or if you regularly look on eBay for parts and stuff, please keep an eye out for things like a set of limited edition 18" Racing Hart C5 Evos with the gunmetal finish. I also had a JDM ZC hood that I got from Charles last year along with my cousin Dave (Shorte). I'm expecting to either never see it again, or if I do, it almost certainly will be stripped and sitting on cinder blocks.

I intend on getting another CRX someday, and would really like to have my car back to the way it was, so if anybody comes across anything that looks like my parts, please contact me immediately.

Here's how it look(ed).

I swear, I feel like my child has been kidnapped.

Thanks in advance. :-/
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My worst fear...

Hope you get your baby back. :(
where? Mine was stolen and I recovered it myself. Do you have a two-way paging alarm. I don't drive mine anymore because of this.
Man, I hate readin that post. I feel bad for you. I send you my condolances.

On another not, I will keep my eyes extra peeled across the internet for your stuff.

Ryan..... guess this proves my point in the other post huh? Hopefully others will help out =)
Thanks guys. This is beyond my worst fear, because I never would have expected it. I was broad daylight fer cryin' out loud!

This happened earlier today, Sunday afternoon, right in the parking lot, while I was inside selling printers. I went outside during my break, to get some change and my checkbook, only to find a Corvette parked where my CRX was when I left it.

From hearing of past experiences like this, it's likely already stripped.

My alarm is a pretty basic one, so I wouldn't have had any knowledge unless someone outside witnessed it all in the event.
A few suggestions.

You may be able to talk with police about getting them to go to any stores in the area of where you work to see if they can get the other stores' security camera tapes from outside. Some business' have security cameras outside and "maybe" they pointed or shot some of the parking lot where your car was parked. Even check with your store to see if they have some kind of footage that shows the outside. Even if you can get a slight picture of the people or vehicles involved. If they towed your car you maybe able to see the name/type of towing business that helped. I would also suggest calling the different towing companies in your area just to make sure they didn't pick your car up on Sunday. Keep thinking about this stuff. Also, think if anyone has a vendetta out for you... Might sound crazy. Also, I'm not sure where you live but there's a possibilty that this was premeditated; someone most likely knew that you live where you do and knew where you work. Think back and remember if anything looked suspicious in the last couple days around your home. Have you been followed lately etc. I know it's a lot of stuff to think about but it's for the sake of your car. They also probably knew when the best time to steal you car was. It seems bizarre that it was in plain day light but they're not all that suspicious looking to other witnesses in the area if the thiefs made themselves not look suspicious. It's worth a shot. Any kind of information is good information. The faster you get the information the better your chances are in getting your car back in one piece. I hope the best for you. Hopefully Mark gets on in time to offer some constructive advice. I think he may be an expert on this kind of stuff and will be surely be helpful.
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I hope you get your car back :( but if they find it stripped, I hope the cops find them and shoot on sight all guilty parties responsible. Car theft is getting WAY out of hand, especially with hondas, and nothing else seems to be stopping them....
man, that sucks, I hope you hear something
MarkWilliamson said:
We aren't allowed to kill drivers of stolen vehicles.
Unfortunately :x
Thanks for the support guys. Still no word on it's whereabouts. Realistically, I'm not holding my breath. We all know how this scenario usually turns out. It's really sad.
crxsitogo said:
where? Mine was stolen and I recovered it myself. Do you have a two-way paging alarm. I don't drive mine anymore because of this.
I think I remember that story. I hope he gets his car back in mostly one piece.
Well still no word on it and there probly wont be, from what a passing customer said it was a group of people pushing the car with another vehicle and the flashers on. So it's probly no just some joy ride thief.
But he is going to get another one soon....mine. I just need to get one of my others road worthy first. He's been wanting an Si since 97 when he bought this dx, it just sucks that this has to happen for him to get it.
Found. Torched. No wheels. Still has hood.

Insert random obscene exclamation here.

See less See more'm so sorry. This is the worst fear of us all. I have become so paranoid about where i park. The worst part is that it was in daylight, i hope they find who is resopnasable, even if they cant convict them of your theft, and lock em up forever. My condolences buddy...
Man...that's the worst possible news. I'm really sorry to see that. My eyes are welling up right now. :(
dude i seirously feel for you, gods honest truth i almost cried, thats f*d up bad man

anything salvagable for a future project?

did they find it on the street or was it in that junkyard? most junkyards keep records of who bring cars in
Damn...who tha [email protected]$k does that!? i mean..stealing is one thing, but torching and bashing tha hell outta it?? sorry bout wha has happend..i hope those thieves die.
my condolences. that's seriously fucked up and i hope karma comes back to them twice as hard.
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