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Rice Report

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Oh....oh man.

Though I would never do it, I don't think its that bad if its just a show car. I'm not that into the show scene...but I've seen much worse. It atleast looks like decent job. If they were going for a sci-fi look, they succeeded.
all of a sudden my 16's and wings west kit arent looking so bad not are they?? seriously though that is hideous. . . . but ya got to commend them for all of that work. . . . . . . but even still look at the poor engine. . . .

didnt touch a thing in there. . .

I love seeing these oddities. I admire the work as this one was done with sheet metal. Very artistic. But I definitely would not do it to my own car. Fugly in an interesting way.
Very nice body work, it was just applied the wrong way :shock:

I don't understand... the body is possibly show- worthy (judges love rice these days) but the interior OR engine is not touched. That's not winning any shows.
Interesting and I applaud the craftsmanship and not to mention the money spent :shock:
thats one way to take care of 1/4 panel rust!
yeah cover it with a wing thats welded on by your tires.
all that bodywork..stock interior..hes not even gonna win a show..even if he managed the total of 35 points the exterior will get in NCCA based show competition
ive said this before, but:

its cars like these that make the ones done right look better.

i can see the amount of work that has gone into it, but that doesnt mean i like the result. i respect the effort but dislike the outcome.
I like the awesome ideas that this guy had in his head. Not bad for a show car. Better than the black widow kit for sure. I just mostly disagree with the hood and the cockeyed license plate. I also would have shaved the door handles were I going that far.

He had to have known that it couldn't be worth it without also upgrading at least the interior. Or maybe he ran out of money and that's why he's selling it.
Or maybe he put the stock interior back into the car before listing it for sale. Who knows!
OMG I want my car to look like that! Such a simple idea to fix that stubborn rust! Yep LOVE it. I would pay 20k for that awesome beast with a stock interior and motor. I like the nostril in the hood too.

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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