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Discussion Starter · #1 · would look better if there were a CRX in the mix..and im working on it, my basement looks like Options Auto Salon for crxs. Intercooler, BOV in this corner, CF fenders in that,boxes of Spoon stuff, JDM crx parts, all sorts of goodies, my debut date keeps getting pushed back..but hopefully soon.

most of the guys in the club arent exactly kids, we do have a young one or two..but most are well over 25, this isnt the first car theyve built in most cases, and Emotion is becoming very recognizable within the industry, so..all the stickers usually directly correspond to sponsorships both partial and full(say for instance tires..noone pays for tires, Dunlop being our main sponsor, with two cars under Toyo and one under Nitto)

No drug dealers around us, besides sponsors, this is a group of very obsessed people around other very obsessed people, so it just compounds in an endless loop. Hours out of each day and serious chunks of each paycheck go into these cars, constantly upgrading to bang out the competition and just so our buddies can ooh and ahh over our newest toy.

and yes..quite a few bodykits, but look close, Top Secret, Cwest, DoLuck, Veilside, Mugen etc, original bodykits, not lookalikes.
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