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rpm prob

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when the car is at idle, it will sit at 1000rpms and the jump to 1500rpm and up and down and up and down like i am reving it up constantly....
what is my prob guys...i got a 1990 dx
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Mine's doing hte same thing. 90 Dx also.

I'm throwing a Code 16 (Injector). Have you checked your ECU for codes?

Does it do it from a cold start or after it warms up?
Check your PCV. Mine was doing this for the longest time, then I swapped the PCV (by habit, it's only ~$5 so why not) and everything fixed itself. Idle dropped back to spec and the hunting stopped immediately.
thanx guys does it after it warms up...would it have to do with the blower valve at all cause i have intake and it isn't hooked up just hangs there...and all the pcv is a tube right ? and what is IACV/EACV?
Surging idle, from the FAQ for this section.
thanx again
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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