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Safety Precautions when working on your car.

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Hey guys. I recently had a small scare when working under my car. I was being lazy, and I didn't put on my safety glasses for this job. Some loose debris fell from the underside of the vehicle and got in my eye and it was very hard to flush out. I thought at first that I had scratched my eye, but I was ok....this time.

Because we all often take safety procedures for granted, I thought I would create this post so we can share all of the safety precautions we take (or should take) when working on our vehicles.

Here's my contribution: Always wear eye protection when working on your vehicle. Even the most mundane or seemingly harmless task could pose a risk. Cars are covered with oil, grease, road debris, rust, metal particles, etc...all of which could cause great harm to your eyes.
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I'm always neglecting to wear eye protection. Just laziness I guess. I've had a similar experience as yours, and for some reason I still don't wear them most of the time.

Another important one is this: Always use jack stands, and chock the wheels when lifting your car.

A guy near where my dad was working under his car, I think just changing the oil, with only his jack holding the car up. The car fell on him and paralyzed him. I can't see it being worth the risk. Laziness vs wheelchair. Easy choice. Always use jack stands![/b]
Always disconnect the battery and also
Keep a good fire extinquisher handy..Just in case..

At least if you are doing electrical or major mechanical operations...

You never know when a fire might ignite,
Be especially careful when using brake cleaner
or other flammable liquids or chemicals..

I use to know someone who did not use jackstands.. :(
88DXCRX said:
I use to know someone who did not use jackstands.. :(
Best advice there folks.
I always use jackstands whenever I get under a car,PERIOD!
jack stands ++.

I was changing the oil quick one day before a long trip in my EK coupe. The filter was being a bitch, so i put 2 hands on it...pull pull pull..oh ****! the car came down on me, crossmember landed on my chest. I think I was concious fo rmaybe 10 seconds.

Neighbor heard the car fall called 911, I was knocked out for 11 minutes with no air, was in a coma for 3 days. Luckily, i came away pretty much unharmed from the fall, save some bruises and scrapes. I actually got more harm from them jamming a tube into my stomach instead of into my lungs and filling up my lungs with stomach gunk....

so yeah guys, use jack stands!!!

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Jack stands or ramps, whenever I'm under my car, my one overwhelming thought is ... if this thing dropped right now, its more likely to just fubar me horribly than be fatal. Not sure which would be worse.
unless your a 3 yrs old boy, you cant fit under a CRX with even stock suspension on it. im sure most of you guys have lowered cars, right? every time im gonna work on my car, i look under it and see the ground clearance, then i think to myself "i cant fit under there, if that thing falls im dead"

as for the eye protection... its a very bad habit, but i never wear safety glasses... even tho owning such an old car means i have 15 yrs of accumulated road grime. crap gets in my eyes all the time and i swear and swear but never seem to learn

maybe one day ill need glasses and then ill have learned my lesson
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