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The seller has zero feedbacks and has been registered on Ebay for less than 30 days. Red flags. Clearly an EDM CRX with pictures lifted from a Cardomain page. More red flags. This reminds me of that other low mileage, mint CRX that showed up on EBay with the super cheap "Buy it now" price of $2100. That seller also had "approved buyers only". I smell a scam....there's something rotten in Denmark (where this CRX might actually be....). I suspect it works like this....people email the seller with offers (or the buy it now price). The seller emails them back that they've "won" the car and demand payment or a down payment (of say half). The "buyer" sends a Paypal or money transfer to a disguised Nigerian bank account and "poof" the seller disappears.....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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