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Seriously. Tons of info. Educate yourself, document what you do, and post it.

Fer instance:
The compound used by professionals is Cerium Oxide, and the buffing wheel is a special VERY firm felt, sold for this use only.

I have such a setup, bought through an auto glass wholesale outfit (C. R. Laurence Co.), and it does work well. However, you can only take out shallow scratches - if you can feel the scratch with your fingernail, it is probably do deep to do much good with. The dangers are of course that you might leave an optical imperfection right in your line of sight, and that you might get too carried away with the buffing and overheat the glass to the point where it cracks from the temperature induced stress (glass expands like most other substances when it gets hot). Follow directions exactly and you will not have these problems.
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