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Sealed bandpass sub box design question

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id like to get more boom for my buck with my subwoofer. it is a JBL GT100 10" sub, and i have it in a generic sealed box, dunno the dimensions of the thing, but it distorts at highger volumes. it sounds really crisp and clean until i crank it. im not looking to shake my teeth out, but i wouldnt mind a bit more bass to go with my treble.

ive been thinking of making a vented box, but i dont want to get rid of my entire trunk. Ive made a rough design in paintbrush of a sealed bandpass box and i was wondering if it would still work, since the dimensions i show here are kind of strange. i designed it this way so i could stil retain a good portion of my trunk with the box in there. pardon the crude drawing, it is supposed to represent a trunk as seen from above the car, looking down.

basically, my question is: does the compartment with the port need to be the same general shape as the compartment with the sub, or is it just the volume of the two compartments that dictates how it will sound?

I have all the specific dimensions of how large each section has to be, and how long and wide the port needs to be, but i dont want it to be a giant box. i dont have the extra money to start experimenting, either.

if anyone has ever done anything like this, or knows whats going on when it comes to subwoofers and enclosures, id like to know more.
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I use to be a mod here, so I should know this. But I dont, so Ill ask around at my work.
Well, I took a look around and found the site that shows exactly what the box size should be for your exact sub: and Parameters/GT100_f.pdf

It is a PDF file, so make sure you have Adobe Reader.

Anyway, I suggest that you know what you are doing before you tackle this project. I am not saying that noobs can't do it correctly(not saying you are new to this, just stating a general idea). If you don't think you can tackle the job correctly, then find the best car audio shop around you and show them the setup. They should be able to make you what you need.

thanks rapidpanda, but i have that documentation in paper form. i know how big the boxes have to be, i just wanted to know if both compartments have the be relatively the same size, or if i can make one long and thing, and the other more square-like.

ill swing by Best Buy tonight after work.
I wouldn't recommend Best Buy for box building. I don't think they even do it. You need to find a specialty shop. But you're right, it's all about the volume, not the shape. You should be able to make each chamber whatever shape you want as long as the volumes are right. The best thing to do is to find a good box building program. You can punch in all the specs of your sub, and have it calculate the right volumes and port sizes based on the specific type of box you want. And yeah, that's really not a straight-forward box design you have. It might be worth it to go to the pro's. Good luck with it though and post some pics when you have it done.

[edit]Just noticed that you have a printout and PDF with the right dimensions for your sub in that box type. Scratch the part about the box building program.[/edit]
cool, good to hear shape doesnt change anything. ill buy my MDF board, and get working on it this weekend.

ill take some pics unless i butcher it :p
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