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short shifter help

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so i just got another crx thats in the shop getting the body all redone, and now im looking at short throw shifters because i had one in my last crx fromt the owner before me put it in. i heard that b&m shifters are pretty good. does anybody recommend a certain model because i was looking at this one. ... 15&pid=154
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First problem:

bad product said:
engineered for the Honda Civic, CRX and del Sol enthusiast
That sure does say that its a good product, you know, when it replaces the shifter that is different in atleast two different models of car.

Stay away like the plague, atleast I would.
show me a short shifter thats exactly model specific then.....i havent seen one for hondas

the way BM and Skunk2 et all do it is provide you with a spacer or larger delrin bushings at the bottom to adapt to the different widths of the linkages....

that being said, The BM shifter (and its pro edge quivalent) sits too far forward IME. I used to have a dual bend S2 (designed for my teggy originally) in teh rex and was pleased with it.

Now I have my FLP shifter and couldnt be happier.

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ok well do you recommend any that are short throw. i wish i could have figured out what was in my other crx.
I recommended the S2 dual bend above

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is it as hight as a stock shifter? because i dont want anything taller then stock hight
I have the B&M. It's a good product made from solid stainless steel. Also the Civic, Del Sol, and the CRX all have the same exact shifter design. So there are no issues with it fitting. B&M has been making shifters for cars since the 60's. I highly recommend the B&M.

One more thing.....if you're <6' tall get the straight shifter. It moves the shifter slightly further from the driver. So your seat has to be closer to the steering wheel to use it confortably. If you're >6' tall get the double bend it moves the shifter further from the dash making more comfortable for taller drivers to use. The DB is harder to find, it sometimes shows up on Ebay.
The double bend is a normal short shifter. though the short in the short shifter is talking baout the throws, not the height.

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Didn't realise the shifters were the same, I'm just always very weary of parts that say they're for every car evar. They tend not to work well, although I'm not exactly a big short shifter guy anyway :)

Good tips, thanks for the correction.
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