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shorter ratio steering?

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Just received the "right" parts from King Motorsports again... and i dunno who is smoking the reefers, Quaiffe or King Motorports, but i got the wrong parts AGAIN!

the rack i got this time looks like it doesnt even fit on a Honda to begin with. Super short rack, SUPER stumpy pinion...

this is so frustrating! i was so happy to see the package but when i opened it, it was like someone cancelled christmas this year.

sorry about that i just needed to vent... im gonna go play online poker
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That really sucks. And to think that King Motorsports claims to be the creme de creme of aftermarket providers! It's starting to seem like they aren't genuinely concerned with your satisfaction as a customer.
i think they are concerned, but i just have bad luck. they HAVE been good customer service-wise. they are gathering info from Quaiffe concerning dimensions. maybe i can shed the light on my parts problem with that.
I finally got the right parts in the mail on Friday.

i have a question before i put things together. The bearing that goes on the pinion has a metal retaining washer that is keeping it in place on the shaft, so the bearing doesnt move. It needs to be bent to fit into a groove on the shaft. The pinion i have from Quaife has the groove for the washer, but i dont have one. Should i go to Honda and get one put on there? or should i trust the snap ring from the housing to keep the bearing in place? The bearing itself doesnt come off by hand (i had to put it in the oven to expand it enough to get it on there, then i made pizza) but my hand doesnt make nearly as much force as the wheels on my car do, so im not sure if its safe or not.

Just fishing for opinions and advice, as i have never dealt with steering components before.

here is a pic if im being confusing
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