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Should I curse my car?

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After 17 years my OEM Blade Silver isn't quite as shiny as it used to be. To be honest it wasn't my first color choice but when I bought it 12 years ago. It was the only mint Si I could find. Sometime in the near future I'm thinking of having the whole car repainted to my first color choice - you guessed it - Y 49. So would an OEM Blade Silver be subject to the curse? Feel free to debate this possible color change.....
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If you like the yellow, choose a different shade. Phoenix Yellow, perhaps? That way you'll have a sweet yellow car, but it will not be cursed.
I believe only cars that came from the factory with Barbados Yellow are should be in the clear. That being said, if you don't want to tempt fate, there are some other nice yellows out there, though -- keep an eye out on the road for ones you like. One year the Mustang had a TERRIBLE pastel sort of yellow, but the new one is nice. Dodge uses a nice yellow on the Viper and their Ram pickup. Corvette yellows are always a good choice...just look around and you'll find one that stands out to you.

In any case, I'd paint the roof black and throw a CF hood on...that's a mean look on a yellow rex.
No way man, keep it silver!
Have it repainted a different shade perhaps. Get all the black trim painted as well. Then, maybe get some black wheels on it.
I believe the curse is not rooted in the colour. I think it is rooted in the essence of those cars. The fact that they are Y-49 yellow makes them distinguishable from the other batches of CRX's. I'm pretty sure they are cursed from the factory. Who knows what was going on in the factory when those cars were made. Maybe the employee union was disgruntled? Maybe these cars weren't constructed correctly? I dunno, but I'm pretty certain that there wasn't some hocus pocus special additive put into the paint mixture. :p
It needs to be Honda Championship White just like every Honda sports car should be!
What's wrong with silver?
Those cars can be made to look absolutely and utterly gorgeous!

The trick is, that silver reveals everything. It displays every line just a bit more obvious than most other colors. (wich is why so many concept cars are silver)

If you're set on a different color, keep in mind that this will be a huge undertaking. She will need to come apart just about everywhere, because silver remainings of paint will always show up. Black would have been much more forgiving.
THE CURSE IS REaL!!!!! :twisted:

i had a y-49 that had freaking TONS of problems...

here's a hint, the day I bought it, I was driving home and i had a wheel cylinder blow out. Well I called AAA, and they brought a flat-bed, and it's wheel cylinder blew out in the parking lot to pick up my car.

'nuff said.
just do Championship Yellow, its soo sexy
phoenix yellow?

i dont know o a championship yellow...imassuming you mean like an ITR
ya isn't it called championship yellow?
Phoenix Yellow, Championship White
baker_jeff said:
Phoenix Yellow, Championship White

Even Y-49's that have been painted over in something else are still cursed. Heard stories of red, black etc that were cursed; then they look at the original paint code :twisted:

I'd find a slightly different yellow if it were me, just in case 8)
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