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Since you're gonna pay just as much for a stock hood once you get it painted, it all comes down to which one you think looks better. I'd go CF, who cares, just go for it. I would probably consider swapping the GSR blades out for a set of aftermarket least some Rotas or something. The blades look awesome on a stock-ish CRX, but with a CF hood you need something a little less "stock". I'd say pick up some black (or gunmetal) wheels with a polished lip...the black would set off the CF hood very nicely on a red car while the polished lip would still catch your eye.

Some people will say CF is played out, but I still think it's a cool look. The look of a bright or light colored car with a black hood has always worked, it looked awesome on all the Mopar musclecars, on the Mustang Mach I, etc., and it still looks kickass on cars like ours...just has some attitude, makes the car look a little meaner.

Above all, though, do what YOU want to's YOUR car!
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