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Should I ?

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I was cleaning out my CRX stash in the garage and found these including the original mounting hardware. They haven’t been on the car since 1994.
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I'm not a fan, but I know some people are! It depends on the look you are going after. I think they match the G1 CRX a bit better and were on their way out in the late 80s.
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I don't like the look of them, but would hold onto them for a little bit. Some people are into them on a 2nd gen, I just don't feel they fit the look of the car.
I second bammbrose's opinion. I had similar louvres on my old black '86 Si, and they looked good on tthat car, but they don't work nearly as well on 2nd-gens.
I think it looks better on the 1st gen simply because the 1st gen seems more boxy than the 2nd gen, it makes it look clunky and bulky in the back.
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