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Show your loved ones you love them and drive safely

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your parents were the ones hit??? :(

i am so sorry Charles
Yes. Drunk driver. My father had just bought a new car with all the airbags on the top, sides, etc.

At least I got to spend my birthday with them.
oh no :(

My deepest condolences!!!! thats unbelievable :(

hope you've got lots friends and family around you to support you!
I do have a family and friends. Stuff like this makes you think how few you actually have.

Here's the article since the site requires signup.

Man held after two die in wreck on Hulen Street

FORT WORTH - A 27-year-old man was arrested Sunday night on two counts of intoxication manslaughter after a wreck that killed two people and injured another, police said.

The man, whose name was not released, was driving a silver Ford Escape southbound on Hulen Street about 9 p.m. when he ran a red light at the intersection of Bellaire Drive, said Fort Worth police Sgt. Rodney Bangs of the traffic investigation unit.

The Escape struck a blue Cadillac headed eastbound on Bellaire.

The driver and passenger of the Cadillac, a man and woman in their 70s, died at the scene, Bangs said.

The driver of the Escape was treated at John Peter Smith Hospital along with a 24-year-old passenger who was in critical condition at JPS late Sunday.

No further information was immediately available.
Charles, I don't know what to say but that's horrible, I hope that bastard that did it gets what's coming to him.
I'm so sorry Charles. :(
I feel weird posting this about my parents. I guess you could say I am numb. My mind is in a fog right now. Writing my thoughts seems to help.

My oldest brother apparently saw the car. He said through tears that it was shaped like a "U". A traffic pole was also knocked out of the ground.

The damn drunk driver was released from the hospital (into police custody), so out of the four people he is, of course, the only one who walked away. His girlfriend is in critical condition. He has destroyed so many lives. It will be interesting to see if he does any time. I doubt it.

If Mark reads this, is there anything I can do to influence the DA's decision whether or not to offer a plea bargain?

My parents were good people. They were married almost 50 years. They were not elderly despite being in their early 70s, and had 4 sons and 10 grandchildren.

My mother, from whom I got my sick sense of humor, sent out this email about two hours before she was killed. I was responding to it just about the time she was dying:

It was wonderful having all of us together again at Thanksgiving time. Daddy and I are very grateful for the great hospitality and everyone's friendliness and goodness. It was especially heartwarming to see how glad all the cousins were to see each other.

Now we have the Christmas decorations up and are waiting for the firemen to come and hang the outdoor lights in the morning. After this many years, Christmases seem to come faster and faster each year, but for me each holiday season is as exciting as ever. Here is one of my favorite poems for this time of year:


Praise the Lord, you watching your budget.
Praise the Lord, you snarled up in traffic.
Praise the Lord, you poignant old memories.
Praise the Lord, you wondering who you are now.
Praise the Lord, you growing and changing,
Praise the Lord, you feeling like Christmas!
Praise the Lord, you something to go to.
Praise the Lord, for concerts and functions.
Praise the Lord, you lighting a candle.
Praise the Lord, you making some cocoa.
Praise the Lord, you popping some popcorn.
Praise the Lord, you simply beginning.
Praise the Lord, you weathered address book.
Praise the Lord, you card to a loved one.
Praise the Lord, you planning and shopping.
Praise the Lord, you baking and cooking.
Praise the Lord, you hanging the wreath out.
Praise the Lord, you putting the tree up.
Praise the Lord, for giving yourself time out!
Praise the Lord, you putting your feet up.
Praise the Lord, you wrapping the presents.
Praise the Lord, you writing the name tags.
Praise the Lord, you fire in the fireplace.
Praise the Lord, you bright red poinsettia.
Praise the Lord, you trip to the nursing home.
Praise the Lord, you first teenage Christmas.
Praise the Lord, you workers and colleagues.
Praise the Lord, you family abiding.
Praise the Lord, you sweet Christmas carols.
Praise the Lord, you funny new movies.
Praise the Lord, for giving (forgiving?).
Praise the Lord, for gracious receiving.
Praise the Lord, you paying your taxes.
Praise the Lord, for all the year's blessings.
Praise the Lord for study and prayer time.
Praise the Lord for time to draw near him!
Praise the Lord for why we are doing this.
Praise the Lord, he came to be with us. Mimi Carpenter

Now I am hoping that we can find a time when all of us can get together for Christmas. It seems to me that Sunday, December 17 is the only day, since some of the subfamilies are going out of town over the holidays, and most other possible days are booked for parties and events in at least one of the families. Please talk amongst yourselves to work out another date if the 17th does not work. It is also possible that the day has finally come when it is no longer possible to have a common free day during the busy holiday season. In that case, we patriarchs would be glad to meet separately. Half a century together has made us incredibly flexible. I would like to serve the standard roast beef etc. as usual, but I have heard mild suggestions for a menu change. The only thing I will not serve is goose or pizza. Talk to me, children!

I was very gratified to have received inquiries regarding my own desires for presents.
Here is my answer: I like handmade cards and pix from the grandchildren best. Next, I like gifts of time and energy, e.g. computer or I-pod lessons, or breakfast at Yogi's etc. If you want to insist on material gifts, I would love recent 8X10 fotos of the grandchildren for my picture gallery {I already have Robert and Emily). Next, I would like almond scented hand lotion, amaryllis bulbs, a red or pink little Christmas cactus, an automatic can opener, a Mr. Coffee plain coffeemaker that works without a bunch of silly extra features, a candle lighter that works, scented candles made in the USA, white beeswax taper candles, some Biscoff cookies to have on hand for homesick blue days, the new book by Helen Thomas about her years as a journalist, a small notebook that fits into my purse for taking unobtrusive notes in court, and a second hand 9mm Glock that cannot be traced. I hope this list will get you started promptly.

Daddy and I are giving each other a trip to Vegas, from January 16 to 2o. Then, we will go on a short cruise with Mr. and Mrs. Hinckley from February 4 to 11.

We look forward to the girl cousin trip to the Nutcracker ballet on December 10. Daddy would like to gather the boy cousins for a manly trip to a bowling alley that evening. We hope to eat dinner with everybody that evening before the event , at some restaurant yet to be voted on.

I love every one of you very much, my dear children, children-in-law, and grandchildren! M/O
On Friday, we had men's night out where the 4 brothers and my father took in the new James Bond movie. My wife was using my rex so my father picked me up. We had a nice conversation on the way to the movie. He explained that he bought the car a few weeks ago at my mother's insistence for the airbags. They had been T-boned by another idiot about two years ago and my mother was just healing from it.

I am typing this while watching my two daughters sleep and wondering how I will tell them.

That's all for now. Thanks for letting me dump.
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I think I know what you mean about the numb feeling, & the way I see it probly nothing anyone says to you can make it any better, but you talking and getting stuff out seems to have some good effect (at least in my experience, not with the exact same situation but other bad ones).

Oh and the line about the 9mm Glock nearly had me fall out my chair laughing, that's awesome.

Call me anytime if you need anything.
I will, Shorte.

With 42 years under my belt, I am able to look at this situation with a bit of mature reflection. Yes, it is very painful and a big emptiness has been opened in my heart. However, I am not confused. I have dealt with death first hand a few times. It is what it is. I know how the grief will progress. My kids are going to have a harder time dealing with this. I feel for their impending confusion.
So sorry to hear that Charles. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your loved ones.
damn charles...

my wife and I send our condolences.
I can only tell you how sorry I am to hear that... i wish you all the strength in the world to deal it. I don't know what i would do in your situation :(
OMG! I'm so sorry man! That's horrible news to hear. That's just awful. I hope that drunk bastard gets what he deserves. :evil:
Sounds like your parents were really contemporary. My grandma only remembers "the old days from back then". (If she remembers anything at all)

What a tragedy. They sound like great people to be around.
Sorry for your loss.
Charles, I am so sorry for your loss. It's an incredibly sad and tragic story. My prayers are with you and your family.

I'm so sorry to hear was the last thing I was expecting to read when I clicked on the link you posted. My condolences go out to you and your family in the wake of this terrible news, especially to your kids -- with the holiday season upon us, it will be a very tough time indeed.

When I was a sophomore in college, working late at night at the architecture building, my girlfriend got a call from my mom and came to get parents had been in a wreck. We drove the 2 hours to the hospital knowing nothing more than the fact that while my mom was injured but awake, my father was on a ventilator. I didn't know if he would still be alive when I got there or not. It turned out that he was in a coma (and would stay in one for a week) and had suffered serious brain injuries. A guy had slid through a stop sign in the rain onto the highway where my parents were driving, and they T-boned the guy's car at full speed (no time to brake). My dad is still disabled, both mentally and physically, from the accident. His brain injuries made him into basically a different person.

That was a very tough time in my life, and I didn't even have to deal with truly losing a parent, much less two of them at the same time. I hope that you find the strength to not only handle this personally, but also to provide support for your family as they try to deal with the loss of 2 people who were so close to them. If it helps you to write out your thoughts here on the site to people who will listen, please don't hesitate to do so. Maybe your story will serve as a reminder to those who have a few drinks during this holiday season and think about driving home afterwards.
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Charles, there are no words.... My heart goes out to you.
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